Episode 65 – Creating Abundance in Your Business, Part 2

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For the month of October, I’m dishing out a 5-part series on how to create abundance in your business, and of course, I’ll be relating it all back to your health, because your health is your greatest asset… your secret weapon… and the most profound advancement tool you can have, when it comes to reaching your business goals.

This week I’ve released Part 2, where I talk about the importance of investing in yourself.  The thing is, abundance is a frequency, just like everything else in this life. It’s an energetic frequency that we need to align with, so when I talk about investment, I’m talking about giving so that we can receive.

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Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

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Episode Transcript

Hey, there and welcome to another episode of The WELLthy Woman Podcast. Last week I kicked off a 5-part series all about creating abundance in your business, and last week’s episode was all about clearing out the gunk, so we can make space for the abundance we are ready to attract.

And this week, I want to talk to you about how we can attract more abundance by investing in ourselves. Like I said last week, when I say “abundance”, I’m not only talking money, but also an abundance of love, support, gratitude, quality relationships, business opportunities, laughter… all the things that matter to us. Really living an abundant life.

The thing is, abundance is a frequency, just like everything else in this life. It’s an energetic frequency that we need to align with, so when I talk about investment, I’m talking about giving so that we can receive.

The act of giving immediately puts us in a state of abundance, because we’re acknowledging that we have enough to give in the first place.

If you’re already feeling tapped out – your cup is running dry – and you’re sitting there, like what the… I CANNOT give one more freakin ounce… then you need to start by investing in yourself.

So, let’s start there, because it all starts with you.

Investing in yourself may look different for different women, but you can break it down – where do you need the most support right now?

Think about your mind… your body… and your spirit.

Are you mentally fatigued, do racing thoughts keep you up at night, are you not feeling mentally challenged, are you constantly putting yourself down or being overly self-critical?

Is your body signaling you that something is off? Is your energy tanked, are you gaining weight, do you have headaches, are your periods all over the place?

Is your spirit feeling disconnected? Are you lacking motivation, drive, or purpose in your life?

If one of those stood out to you, then that’s the area or AREAS you need to focus on first, because if you can’t invest in yourself, you won’t be able to invest in anyone or anything else.

If your mind is feeling neglected, maybe you need to finally start that meditation practice, or start a new audiobook or start keeping a gratitude journal or work with a mentor to push your limits and challenge your creativity.

If your body is feeling neglected, it’s time to up-level your health and work with someone who is going to take the time to really listen, dive deep and meet you where you’re at.

If your spirit is feeling disconnected, again maybe it’s time to start meditating, or spending more time in nature, or diving deeper into a spiritual practice.

Once we’ve invested in ourselves, we’re able to spread that investment to others.

So, who do you need to invest in?

Once you’ve filled your cup, take some inventory – who or what has been neglected?

Have you been limiting play time with your kiddos, do you need to give your partner some serious lovin, do you need to set a tea date with lady friend, or set up a networking lunch with that person who’s been trying to connect with you?

When’s the last time you planned a vacation or time to unplug with someone you care about, so you can give them your undivided attention?

I know I don’t need to tell you WHY this is important, but investing time and energy into your relationships is KEY.

What about your business? How can you invest in your business? Are you dedicating enough time and energy into the projects that are really going to push that needle forward? Or are you so zapped mentally, emotionally and physically, that you get distracted and waste endless hours on social media or youtube?

How are you investing in the growth of your business? Are you working with a marketing team? Do you have a mentor on board? Do you have an assistant who can take tasks off your to-do list, so you have more time to focus on your zone of genius?

If your business is dialed, and your health isn’t holding you back, how are you investing in your community?

Side note, I speak with a lot of women who are just starting out in their business, and they have SUCH big hearts… and they want to donate time and energy and create sliding scale systems and offer steep discounts and all that for people who may not be able to afford their services…

And I’m ALL for that and creating access for those in need, BUT at the same time, we need to be mindful that if you’re having trouble paying your own bills, putting food on your own table, and basically not taking care of your own need, then you will not be able to create a sustainable business long-term.

Once your business is running smoothly, and you’re in the green with accounting, then go for it! THAT’S when you’re able to truly give in a state of abundance.

I hope that makes sense.

But even IF your business isn’t quite there yet, where does your community need you? Can you hold a free workshop, volunteer your time to a cause you’re passionate about, pick up some trash around your neighborhood. There’s so many options.

Alright, can you see how investing can be a powerful way to attract more abundance to your life. More abundant health, wealth, purpose and joy.

So, to recap for today’s Part 2 of the Creating Abundance in Your Business Series

  1. Invest in yourself first – mind, body and spirit
  2. Invest in your relationships – your family, your partner, your closest friends
  3. Invest in your business – hire a mentor, an assistant, a marketing team… whatever you need to maximize your time and enhance your zone of genius
  4. Invest in your community – volunteer your time, host a free event, or simply pick up trash around your neighborhood – who knows… you might start a movement

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode! If you want to learn more about becoming a WELLthy Woman, I’ve created a brand new free guide just for you. It’s called The Savvy Woman’s Guide to WELLth and it JUST went live on my website. I’ll link to it in the show notes, so be sure to grab it.

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Otherwise, that’s a wrap! Tune in next week for Part 3, where I talk about creating abundant health with my 9-part formula. Be sure to tune in.

Also, free to DM me with any questions you may have or topics you’d love to hear more about.

Chat with you next week!


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