Episode 78 – 2019, the Year of Alignment

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In this week’s episode, I’m kicking off 2019 with some behind the scenes news, updates and inspiration for the new year. Join me to learn more about the transformation I experienced this past year and what to expect coming your way!

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Meet Your Host:

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

Episode Transcript

Hey there, Michelle here with another episode for you. What did you think about last week’s interview? I LOVED chatting with Danielle – she is SO talented and she shared so many gems – last week’s episode is definitely one deserving of more than one listen.


Today’s episode is going to be a bit different, because I’m going to dive a little deeper into the personal side of things.


There have been a lot of shifts for me over the past several months, and I’d love to let you in on some behind the scenes stuff and let you in on my vision for the coming year.


Also, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve decided to share my preconception care journey with you, which has officially begun. In a couple weeks, I’m going to share what my partner and I have already done prior to this month, and what I plan to do over the next 3-6 months to prepare my baby palace – that’s what the uterus is called in Chinese medicine, and I think it’s pretty adorable.


So, first, some of you might have noticed that I was in the Portland area, then in Austin, and now I’m back in the Portland area – technically a small rural town just outside of Portland.


So, if you’ve been wondering WHERE in the world I am, and why, let me break it down for you.


The thing is, I needed to shake things up.


Now, I’m not saying this type of choice or journey is for everyone, and I know not everyone has the same geographic freedom, like me, but I was feeling really stagnant… and it was affecting my work, my creativity, my motivation, my relationship, my mood, my weight and my overall health.


I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew that something had to shift, and shift BIG, or I was basically going to throw my hands up in defeat.


Being an online service-based entrepreneur isn’t always easy. Some of you, I’m sure, can relate.


Because, you have to show up. That’s a non-negotiable.


And when things aren’t flowing smoothly in your life, it can add additional strain, stress and, generally, be super draining.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE showing up for you and helping women across the world – it literally fills my heart when I’m able to help someone, BUT – as I’m sure you can relate – if we don’t keep ourselves in check, we can over give and wear ourselves thin.


This is what was happening to me, and instead of tapping inward, taking the time I needed to nourish myself and do the inner work, I blamed my external circumstances – I payed victim, basically. So, I made a somewhat rash decision, back in April, to head to Austin for an indefinite period of time.


So, I left my home, my partner, my puppy, my friends and a lifestyle I had grown comfortable with.


And, I chose Austin, because my brother lives there, and I’ve visited multiple times over the past several years. It’s actually a lot like Portland, except HOT AF in the summer, it floods, they get tornados, armadillos and they have EVERY creepy crawly you don’t want to come into contact with.


BUT, I ended up spending pretty much seven months exactly there, and luckily it was truly transformative for me.


Sometimes we need to break past that fear, make ourselves REALLY uncomfortable and blast through our ego to create the change we want to see in our life.


Through this experience, I was able to, not only create a much stronger bond and relationship with my brother, which was amazing and something I’ll forever cherish. I’ve been living on my  own since I was 19, so having family so close was, in and of itself, a blessing for me, BUT it also allowed me the space I felt I needed for that deep inner personal work that my soul was truly craving.


So, while in Austin, I was able to dive deep into my meditation game and was meditating upwards of an hour a day with the intention of gaining clarity around my soul-aligned purpose, my business and my relationship.


And I walked away from that experience with more confidence, more clarity and more courage than I think I’ve ever felt, and I’m SO excited to share 2019 with you.


My theme for this year is “alignment”, and with this intention in place, things have already kicked off with some serious momentum.


So, I got back to the Pacific Northwest on New Years Eve with my amazingly supportive partner, and our relationship is stronger than ever. He is my king in every way – he amazes me.


Now, aside from my relationship and my preconception care journey, I’m super stoked to share how I’ve created new ways to serve you this coming year.


First, I’ve teamed up with an awesome heart-centered company that offers reishi-infused coffee and tea. I actually started adding reishi to my coffee and tea early last year, but came across this company back in April, and haven’t gone back. Adding Reishi mushroom – or ganoderma lucidum – has led to a serious upgrade in my health. Reishi is, by far, the most researched medicinal mushroom, and it’s the only one that I’m aware of with published studies. Reishi is the title holder for published studies with benefits ranging from

  • Reducing generalized inflammation
  • Balancing immune function
  • Preventing the spread of metastatic cancer
  • Reversing amyloid plaques on the brain, which is the hallmark of alzheimer’s disease
  • AND restoring healthy circulation


Now if you’re not a fan of mushrooms, or can’t stand the texture or taste, this is the PERFECT way for you to get the benefits without having to worry about that, because it’s completely hidden in the coffee and tea. If you’re curious to learn more about this awesome company, I’ll be doing an entire episode on it next week, so be sure to tune in, because I’ll be letting you know how you can get some free samples!


Second, as you’ve probably heard, I’m offering a small group holistic weight loss program. This is a 10-week program that addresses your body as a whole and teaches you the skills you need for a sustainable healthy lifestyle long-term. It’s not about looking like a magazine model, or getting “skinny”, but it’s really  about releasing what no longer serves you. This could be excess weight, limiting beliefs, negative mindsets and other areas of toxicity in your life.


The first round of ladies started January 1st, and they are KILLIN’ it, so I can’t wait to share their results with you.


Enrollment is actually open for the April round, and I’ll also be offering it again in July, but spaces are limited to only 25 women at a time per launch, so if you’re interested, I’ll link to the details in the show notes.


Third, I’ve created a one-on-one Gut Rejuvenation program, where you work closely with me for about 3 months to heal your digestive track and create a personalized nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle.


This program includes my favorite comprehensive stool analysis, called the GI MAP, a food sensitivity test through MRT and a Metabolic Typing Diet assessment to make sure that you’re eating foods that are aligned with your genetic and ancestral preferences. Pretty cool stuff.


Once you have completed the Gut Rejuvenation program, you’re eligible for my Healthy Hormone and Detox program, which literally takes your health to the next level. With your gut functioning optimally, we can fine tune any remaining imbalances that might be present.


And we’ll do that by first taking a look under the hood with the DUTCH test for sex hormones and adrenal health, urine organic acids test and a complete functional blood chemistry analysis.


If you’re head is spinning with all these tests, you can learn more about them by checking out episode 68, where I dive into each of them in more detail.


Finally, I have a VIP package for those ladies who WANT. IT. ALL.


This is an intensive 6 month program that includes all initial and follow-up testing that I just mentioned, unlimited one-on-one consulting and private messaging with me, with an optional stand-alone or upgrade for an in-person VIP day, where I actually travel to you.


During this in-depth in-person consult, we go over all your initial labs, create your personalized plan and also take an in-depth assessment of your home environment –  this means, we take a look at your fridge, your pantry, your home office, your cleaning products and your beauty products and see where we can enhance your healing efforts.


Pretty cool, eh?


Alright, so in summary:

  • I’m bringing in 2019 with a bang, and I’m STOKED to have you with me.
  • If you’ve been on the fence about working with me, you now have a few options to choose from – a small group holistic weight loss program, a mini-gut rejuvenation program and a classy VIP package.


So that’s a wrap for this week – I’m curious, what would  you like to hear more of or learn more about in 2019? I really want to know, because I’m not doing this podcast to hear my own voice – this is for YOU, so hit me up on Instagram, send me a DM and let me know!


Also, if you’re loving this show, please leave a review – it helps the growth of this show on iTunes, allows me to interview more amazing guests and helps MORE women, like you, find me and learn how to take charge of their own health.


So, tune in next week for more awesome and actionable info!


Chat with you then!


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