Episode 82 – Your Metabolic RESET

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Today I’m talking about holistic weight loss with my signature program called Your Metabolic RESET, where high-achieving women lose 20-30 pounds in six weeks.

April enrollment is now open, AND I have a special early-bird special going on through the end of February.

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Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

Episode Transcript

Hey there, Michelle here with another episode for you. Today I’m chatting about my signature holistic weight loss program called Your Metabolic RESET.


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I’ve also just started a 12-part LIVE video series that is tearing down the myths about body positivity and weight loss — hint: these two things are not mutually exclusive!


That being said, if you want to hang out with me, tune in on Instagram or Facebook on Sundays and Wednesdays at 3p PST // 6p EST and say HEY. I’ll be talking about things like why exercise might be increasing your waistline, the REAL reason diets don’t work, how to prevent gaining weight back after you’ve released it, how you can still eat what you want without gaining weight, why weight loss isn’t about willpower, how to handle vacations and social events and a BUNCH more.


Today, however, I want to chat with you about this program, because April enrollment is now open, AND I have a special early-bird special going on through the end of February, where you can save big on this program.


Now, weight loss can get a bad wrap, because there are SO many freakin diet programs, false promises and shaky science.


The thing is, when you approach weight from a holistic perspective, releasing excess weight ends up being more than a side effect than an actual end-goal.


Let me explain.


Most people jump into weight loss programs with one goal in mind — to lose X number of pounds. Period. The end.


When this is our only goal, we’re literally not psychologically prepared to lose the weight AND keep it off long-term.


We’ve already resigned to the fact that it’s a short-term thing, and with our short-term thinking, we assume that once that excess weight is gone, everything will just go back to the way it was, except we’ll be lighter.


BUT, holistic weight loss is much more than that.


When we approach weight loss as health promotion, allowing our body to release excess weight, while also promoting better sleep, energy, digestion and hormone balance, then we’ve got a whole other perspective altogether.


Instead of just losing weight to lose weight, we’re literally releasing what no longer serves us. We’re releasing excess weight that is causing toxic build up, inflammation and hormone dysfunction.


We’re actively participating in a powerful and transformative experience that we can take with us for the rest of our life.  


With the help of several colleagues, and the experience of several HUNDRED participants between us, I’ve created a holistic weight loss program that is completely aligned with my mission to serve high-achieving women, and today, I want to share what that program looks like and let you know how you can apply for one of the 25 available spots for our April round.


Now, the first thing that sets this program apart from the rest is that it’s not a DIET — it’s a process.


DIETS usually fail, because their focused on deprivation and calorie restriction and not taking into account what’s actually going on inside of the body — both physiologically and psychologically.


It’s NOT just about food and exercise.


It’s NOT just calories in vs calories out.


What it IS about is the signals that are being sent from your brain to your body. This is why SO many women struggle with weight loss, because they literally have hormonal resistance to losing weight, because their body is not sending the right signals needed to actually RELEASE the weight.


Instead, they’re sending signals to their body to store weight.


I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true.


To release weight, our body needs the signal of safety, and with these diets that are all about deprivation and calorie restriction, the only signal we’re sending the body is fear and scarcity, which puts our body into fat storage mode.


You might get a little weight loss at the beginning, because your body is burning some of the healthy available fats, but then it goes into a tissue burning mode, or catabolic state, which is also when the body starts to store fat.


And this fat is called abnormal fat, or visceral adipose tissue, and it is extremely resistant to weight loss UNLESS your body feels safe.  


Yes, we can do paleo, keto, whole30, or whatever else, which can totally work to a point, but most women I talk to hit a ceiling, they plateau, start falling off the plan, and then start gaining weight back — and unfortunately, a lot of times they gain MORE weight back, because their metabolism (and thyroid) slowed down while their body was in fear and scarcity mode.


SO, just to recap that little bit, when you’re body is not getting the signal of safety, it not only goes from fat burning to fat storing, BUT it also slows down your metabolism.


That’s a LOSE-LOSE any way you cut it. This is exactly why most weight loss programs don’t work — especially long-term.


They miss KEY strategies that are only present when you’re taking the whole person into account — hence, holistic weight loss.


Now, my role is to be the best example I can be, for you, so I’ve actually gone through this program — I went through it with this first round of women, so I could experience it for myself.


Now I didn’t have 20-30 pounds to release, BUT what I found out, going through this program myself, was that it’s even a great program for those women who are needing to lose that LAST 10 pounds, because that’s what ended up happening with me.


I didn’t experience nearly as much weight loss as the other women, BUT it also would not have been healthy for me to lose more than 10 pounds. So I REALLY love this program, because it’s SAFE weight loss — because again, my body was getting the signals of safety, not scarcity.


Anyway, as many of you know, especially if you’re a loyal listener, I’ve started my preconception care journey, and that was my impetus for creating and participating in this program. I wanted to make sure my body was in the best shape possible, and my hormones were balanced, before getting pregnant.


So, back to the signals being sent to our body — most weight loss programs out there are having you eat way too little and usually exercise way too much, which creates stress in the body.


This stress, tells the body that it’s unsafe, which again makes your body store fat and slow down your metabolism, because it wants to make sure that you have reserves available for these seemingly hard times — like a famine.


So, instead, I’ve created Your Metabolic RESET to send your body the signal of safety, and this signal allows your body to release the excess weight.


Instead of slowing down your thyroid and metabolism, it actually turns your thyroid back on and brings your adrenals back online.


The way that we’re able to do this is by addressing things like your microbiome — the bacteria in your gut — because these little guys are huge players in hormonal balance, stress management, metabolism and your ability to release weight.


By addressing these gut bugs directly, we’re able to wipe out the gut bugs that contribute to craving sugars and carbs and swap them out for bugs that crave vegetables — seriously!


We also address detoxification during this program, because most of the environmental toxins that we’re exposed to get packaged up and stored in our fat cells, so as we start to release stored fat, we’re also releasing old toxic build-up, and we want to make sure that we’re getting those toxins out of our body effectively.


This is something I haven’t seen addressed in ANY other weight loss program, and it’s something that is essential, because if you still have toxins floating around, and you’re continuing to expose yourself to toxins, those are going to be packaged up and stored as fat in your body.


So, another big part of this program is education — I’m going to teach you how to clean up your environment, how to avoid certain toxins and how to make empowered choices as a consumer.  


So, what does this program actually entail.


Before we start the losing phase, we have a couple loading days — this means we load up on nutrient dense high calorie (also known as high-energy density) foods, which is how we ramp up your metabolism, prepping body for the losing phase. We literally stoke the fire and create abundance in the body to send it the signal that it doesn’t have to worry, there’s no need for stress and that it can release those fat stores, because we will be able to replenish them.


The losing phase is 6 weeks, and it’s during these 6 weeks that women see the most dramatic weight loss — on average they release 20-30 pounds, and this isn’t an exaggerated number, my colleagues and I have done this program on over 600 women, and the average weight loss was 23 pounds within the first 6 weeks. It’s remarkable.


A lot of women ask if they can continue these 6 weeks of the losing phase, BUT we don’t go past this — the cycle I have set up is really important to help maintain that signal of safety. If you go past that initial 6 weeks of losing, you can risk heading back into that fear and scarcity mode that we want to avoid.


However, you CAN absolutely go through this program a second or third time, if needed. And you will have lifetime access to this program, if you are needing to release more than 30 pounds.


During the losing phase, we focus on high quality proteins, vegetables and fruits — it’s ALL whole foods, not weird shakes or pre-packaged junk. It’s REAL food that actually tastes great, and I’ll be giving you ALL the details around recipes and food lists and all that good stuff.


I actually found that eating during the losing phase was not only cheaper — we were spending way less on groceries — but it was also a lot easier, because you can do some batch cooking and preparation that can save SO much time, especially for those who aren’t used to making their own food.


And no, you won’t be hungry or have cravings on this program — I swear — we’ve put SO much thought and energy into this program and the women, and men actually, who have participated are always surprised that they’re not hungry and they don’t have cravings while following the plan.


The second phase, is four weeks long, and it’s during this phase that we establish your new metabolic set point.


So, back to those signals of safety I’ve been talking about — if your body doesn’t feel safe, it will NOT be able to establish a new metabolic set point. This is where the weight gain ends up creeping back in other programs, because they haven’t established that signal of safety, so the body doesn’t stick to the new weight.


Super critical.


And, finally, phase 3 is where we apply all our new knowledge and know-how to the rest of our life.


During this entire 10 week program, I provide support, through one-on-one consulting, a private facebook group with daily tips and resources, and once a week, I host a live coaching and Q&A session for additional accountability and diving deeper into specific topics.


It’s been a phenomenal program, so far, and I’m just SUPER stoked to offer it again in April, and if you’re looking to release 20-30 pounds, do it fast, do with the support and accountability you need, while also addressing mindset and your health as a whole, this program is perfect for you.


This isn’t about being “skinny”, this is about releasing excess weight, so you can live your best life, slay in your business and show up for the people you love.


This is about releasing excess weight because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it.


So, if you’re interested in learning more, chatting with me and seeing if this is a good fit for you, definitely head to wellthywoman.co/ymr


You’ll see a video you can watch, a ton of information AND the ability to fill out an application, so we can chat and see if this is the right fit for us both.


I hand select all the women who join our group, so you can be sure that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded women who are on the same path as you.


Now, real quick, before I sign off, this program is NOT for everyone, so if you


Are pregnant or breastfeeding

Have active gallbladder disease

Have an active cancer diagnosis

Actively recovering from disordered eating

Are vegan

Have a negative attitude or unwilling to release what no longer serves you…


Then this program isn’t for you.


HOWEVER, if you


Are ready to release 10, 20 or 30+ stubborn pounds

Want a healthy and sustainable way to create long-term results

Are positive and supportive to others

Committed to following a proven program

Are excited to upgrade your life, then


Let’s chat!


There are only 25 spots available, and if you sign up before the end of february, you have the chance to save $500, so definitely hop on that special early-bird deal.


Alright — that’s a wrap for this week – if you found this episode helpful, please share it with someone you love.


Also, if you’re loving these episodes please leave a review – it helps the growth of this show, allows me to bring more amazing guests on and helps MORE women take charge of their own health.


So, tune in next week for more awesome and actionable info!


Chat with you then!


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