Episode 87 – Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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Today I’m talking about some of the major reasons why women are struggling to lose weight.

Tune in to find out why and what to do about it.

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Meet Your Host:

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

Episode Transcript

Hey there, and welcome back to another episode of The WELLthy Woman podcast, I am your host, Michelle, and for today’s episode, I did something a little bit different. I had a general idea of what I wanted to talk about, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to bring it to you, so I decided to pull a tarot card.


In saying that, I bet there’s two camps of women listening… some of you grabbed your phone to skip to the next episode in your queue, while some of you leaned in just a bit.


So, for those of you whose ears perked up, I picked the Ace of Wands. Now, I’m basically a complete novice when it comes to tarot, so I’ll read to you what this card represents.


It stands for potential, ambition and new beginnings.


From the book I have, which is Tarot: Notes from the Pagan Otherworlds — which has some of the most beautiful tarot art I’ve ever seen, by the way — it says:


“In an endless expanse of blue sky, a hand bursts forth from a cloud holding a branch — being has arrived! Trembling with newness and excitement, the first leaves of knowledge float down from the sky to the river below, their voices merging in the waters to form a new language — the language of possibility, opportunity and hope. That branch is ours to take, that river our journey’s start. Potential is the kingdom of all beginnings.”


So… what I really wanted to talk to you about today has to do with releasing excess weight, and what to do when everything you USED to do is no longer working.


If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you already know that I’m at the tail end of a 12-part live video series all about body positivity and weight loss, so if you want to catch any of the replays, just head to my facebook page @wellthywoman.co


Now, the reason I’ve created this 12-part series and a few podcast episodes around this topic, is because we’re starting another round of Your Metabolic RESET in April, and enrollment closes on March 21st.


If this piques your interest, definitely stick around til the end of this episode to hear about Pamela’s experience in the program — she joined us for the January round this year and had amazing results, even though she thought nothing would work.


Alright, so let’s keep this Ace of Wands in mind as we chat about this topic of feeling defeated, hopeless and really resigned to never being able to release that excess weight, because this card represents a new journey, and that’s exactly what Your Metabolic RESET is.


Now, I want to chat about some of the most common reasons why women are stuck — not taking action with their health — this could be related to weight, or just their health in general. That way, we can get it all out there, and confidently take action.


So, let’s just dive into the juicy bits.


The number one reason why you’re weight loss efforts are stagnant — you think it’s too expensive to eat healthier, or you’re not willing to invest in a program with the support and guidance you actually need.


First off, eating healthy is saving you money in the long run, because you’re likely going to avoid costly medications and unnecessary surgeries, since your body will be so resilient. That being said, women going through Your Metabolic RESET report spending significantly less money than usual at the grocery store during the program.


Second, freaking out about investing in your health is a waste of time. Seriously.


Because when you take care of your health, you’re able to show up better for your business and make more money. Period. Money is something that can be created, restored and replenished — the same can’t be said about your time.


Also, not to mention, when you’re feeling better, more confident and energized, you can show up more fully for the people you love. Freaking out about investing in your health doesn’t change where you’re at and where you need support — that fear will always exist, AND you won’t be moved into action.


The key is moving through your fear — break the pattern you’ve been comfortable in, because money is a tool, and where you spend it will speak volumes about what you’re committed to in your life. Are you committed to yourself? Are you committed to your dreams? Or are you committed to being stuck and stagnant?


It’s all about perspective — are you empowered in your choice, or are you acting out of fear?


I know that’s a little intense, and if that triggered you, I’m glad, because that means you needed to hear it.


If you’re cool, what’s next… then let’s go.


The second thing I hear is that “I’m just too busy”, but the fact is, most of us lead busy lifestyle — we’re juggling work, family, commitments and — hopefully — social lives, right?


At the end of this episode, I’m going to share a testimonial with you from Pamela, who is actually my sister — she has an intensely hectic schedule running a large business and she’s a single mom to two teenage boys. She thought she wouldn’t have time, but she was SHOCKED at how easy this program was, so definitely stay tuned for that.


During Your Metabolic RESET, I give you all the tools, tips and resources you need to make the process as streamlined as possible, including shopping lists, meal batching guidelines, simple recipes and a TON more.


On top of that, since we’ll be addressing your body from a holistic perspective, and giving your body real food, you’re going to feel more satisfied, more energetic and more focused during your day, so your time will be spent much more efficiently.


The third thing I hear a lot is that “It’s just my genetics” — “I was born with a slow metabolism”. I legit LOVE this topic, because as someone who actually HAS several genetic variants related to obesity — yes, you heard me right, OBESITY — I’m here to tell you that you can 100% lose weight and keep it off.


I’ve had my functional genomics tested, and when you look at my pathways and clusters of genes, I have genes that:


  1. Make it easy for me to overeat, because my body doesn’t effectively communicate to tell me when it’s full
  2. I have genes that increase my desire for snacking and more frequent hunger
  3. I have genes that create a lower resting metabolic rate
  4. I have genes that increase my risk for diabetes and insulin resistance due to wonky insulin secretion
  5. I have genes that make my body turn starches into fat whenever I eat them


I actually did an entire live video about this topic — it’s part 11 of my body positivity and weight loss series, so if this particular topic resonates with you, definitely catch that replay on my facebook page @wellthywoman.co


That being said, blaming something like your weight on your genetics is simply a way for you to dismiss all responsibility towards it — it’s a completely disempowering way to look at things, when in fact, 90% of our genes are dictated by our environment — physically, chemically, mentally and emotionally. I LOVED putting together part 11 of that series, so definitely check it out.


Okay, next one — I’ve tried everything — I’ve been eating healthy, working out… and doing ALL the things, but nothing works for me, or nothing that USED to work, works for me now.


Hello defeatist attitude!


Of course things aren’t going to work for you when you approach them like that — law of attraction, magnetism, manifestation… this is bringing in some of the woo, but the WOO is really important.


My guess, is that your approach — whether it was quote “eating healthy”, exercising or even dabbling in things like paleo, keto, whole30 or whatever… was lacking support from a healthcare professional and a community.


These are SO overlooked and make all the difference.


When we start creating new habits and new mindsets, it’s not a smooth ride the whole time, so if you don’t have support, and you start to feel weak, or you’re motivation is lacking or you’re losing sight of your why… then you NEED to make sure you have support. You don’t have to do everything on your own.


Every single woman who has gone through Your Metabolic RESET tells me how their success was really impacted on their ability to access me and the constant support from the group.


Seriously — if you’ve never experienced that kind of support, it’s remarkable.


Alright… next.


I’m too old, I’ve had kids… my metabolism is just SLOW.


Now, a LOT of women think that they’re unable to release excess weight, because they have a sluggish metabolism. However, despite what you may believe, your metabolic rate is not set in stone.


Yes, seriously.


That’s the basis of Your Metabolic RESET — we literally establish a new metabolic set point for your body. And we do this in a very strategic, but straightforward way.


And a lot of it has to do with stress. If your body doesn’t feel safe and nourished, it won’t release excess weight AND it won’t establish your new metabolic set point. So we go over this extensively in the program, and as long as you follow the guidelines, you will succeed.


Next, let’s talk about the procrastination monster!


How many of you listening are like, “yeah… I’d really like to start, but I think I’ll wait til the next round”.


Ummmm…. That’s cool and all, BUT you could be 20-30 pounds lighter by mid-May of this year. Think about that, for a second…


The next round of the program doesn’t start til July.


The procrastination monster is HUGE, because it keeps us stuck and stagnant — a lot of times I actually see this and the money mindset blocks teaming up, right?


Like I’ll have to revisit this in a few months, so I can save and it’ll just be a better time.


If you’re entrepreneur, then you know that taking action is the only way anything gets done. Taking that leap BEFORE you feel ready for it. If you keep waiting around for every single thing to be in place, you will NEVER move forward, because something ALWAYS comes up — there’s no perfect time.


And speaking of that, maybe you’re thinking that there’s going to be a certain event, or birthday or holiday coming up that is going to interfere with your efforts, and honestly, this is the same thing — there’s ALWAYS going to be something. I had women in this last group who were celebrating valentine’s day and their birthday and their kids 18th birthday ALL while sticking to the program.


It’s possible — it’s really a matter of checking in with yourself and what excuses or limiting beliefs are popping up for you.


Alright, so how is that feeling?


Hopefully, we broke through some walls or at least you’re looking at things from a slightly different perspective.


If so, then I’m assuming you want to learn a bit more about Your Metabolic RESET, so, this program is delivered over 10 weeks with real food, real support, real community and REAL results, so you can reallocate energy to boost your metabolism, your life and your business:



  • Lab testing
  • Exercise
  • Fad diets
  • Shakes
  • Boxed food
  • Gimmicks
  • Hunger
  • Cravings


This program is amazing and transformational — I can’t speak more highly about it.


Alright — so, before we wrap for this week, I promised I would share Pamela’s experience with Your Metabolic RESET, so here it is:




Thank you SO much for sharing your experience — for those of you who don’t know… Pamela is my sister, and was a major inspiration for me in creating Your Metabolic RESET, so it means the world to me to hear about her success.


If you found this episode helpful, please share it with someone you love.


Also, enrollment for Your Metabolic RESET completely closes on March 21st, so if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to enroll — there are only 19 spots left, and I would LOVE for you to be one of them.


You can learn more and schedule a brief complimentary chat with me to see if it’s a good fit at wellthywoman.co/ymr


So, tune in next week for more awesome and actionable info!


Chat with you then!


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