Episode 90 – WELLth Activation

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Today I’m talking about how you (yes YOU!) can literally reset your metabolism. I break down my six pillars.

Tune in to learn more.

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Meet Your Host:

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

Episode Transcript

Hey there, and welcome back to another episode of The WELLthy Woman podcast, I am your host, Michelle, and today, I want to chat with you about how you can upgrade EVERY aspect of your life through WELLth Activation.


As you may already know, creating a life of WELLth — spelled W-E-L-L-t-h — is all about creating a life full of abundance, purpose, health, wealth and joy.


And yes, I use the word “create” with intention — because YOU have the ability to CREATE a WELLthy life — you just have to choose it and take aligned action.


So, what exactly does a life of WELLth look like? It’s living a truly fulfilled life, where you have everything your soul desires, and more. The work you do is aligned with your soul’s purpose, your bank account reflects the value you deliver to your clients, your relationships encourage growth and deepen your level of intimacy — INTO ME YOU SEE, right? — AND your health is the foundation of it all — not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


Without your health, it’s impossible to fully show up — in your business, in your relationships, and even for yourself.


That’s why SO many successful entrepreneurs put so much emphasis on the importance of health. Burnout is real —  if you sacrifice your body for your business, you won’t be of service to anyone.


AND… don’t try to do it all on your own. The most successful people ask for help, seek out mentors and end up advancing faster by following their guidance.  I mean, I can’t tell you how many women I chat with who are pulling their hair out over all the confusing and hypocritical information they’re finding online.


You can literally find any combination of completely contradictory information — not just with health, but really for most things. Even in the business coaching world, right?


Then, there are some women who have been down so many different paths that didn’t lead to results that they’ve basically just resigned to thinking that something is inherently wrong with them and how their body functions — like they’re just destined to struggle for the rest of their lives.


This is total B.S. by the way.


There are practitioners out there who not only know what they’re doing, but will also listen to you and work WITH you — I promise, they do exist… I’m not the only one. I’m actually part of a world-renowned mentorship group that is full of heart-centered functional practitioners who know their shiiiit. Seriously.


It really just comes down to who you feel drawn to work with, because if you’re not on the same wavelength as your practitioner, you’re healing process just won’t go as smoothly.


You not only need the strategy, but you need to feel confident about the direction, and the approach really needs to resonate with you and your core values.


I find that a lot of women are looking for practitioners in the same way you they look for a life-partner — you want a little of this a little of that… and then you don’t really end up where you want — with the end result you want —  because when you don’t completely trust the person or feel that it’s right a right fit, there’s no commitment or follow-through. You just kind of stay surface level, instead of diving deep and addressing the underlying imbalances.


You need to work with someone you trust 100% AND be willing to allow them to do what they do best — someone who is going to completely customize your plan while working with you as a team.


The thing is, you can’t create a life of WELLth, if you haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in months, you have energy crashes throughout the day, you can’t focus on the tasks that are going to move your business forward, your creativity is stagnant and your productivity is dictated by the time of the month.




It’s time to stop tossing around half-assed approaches with your health — you wouldn’t do that in your business or recommend that to someone you love, right?


Now, I’m assuming you’re probably familiar with the concept of your “zone of genius”, and if so, then you also know that your zone of genius is where you need to be spending MOST of your time. Unless you’re a practitioner, like me, that means you need to delegate out your healthcare, just like you would delegate any other task that doesn’t align with your zone of genius. Make sense?


So, if you’re wondering why your health keeps getting in the way of your progress, take inventory — are you actually pushing away the help and guidance you need to move forward. Are you letting your “miss independent — I can do it myself” attitude get in the way of really upgrading your health?


Maybe you’re SO headstrong about doing it yourself that the people closest to  you don’t even understand the struggle you face each and every day, and that makes it even harder to ask for help. Am I right? If that sounds like you, just know that I see you, and I’m here for you.


When you truly start healing your body from the inside out, you have a serious advantage over anyone else in your field AND you’re able to serve your clients in the most profound way. This is because you’re not only creating more resilience in your body, but you’re also working to prevent things like burnout — something that is all too real for women entrepreneurs.


You do not have the time, money or energy to waste. Period.


Alright, so, how can you jump start your WELLth Activation?


The FIRST step is tapping into your mindset and figuring out what your limiting beliefs are around your health and healing process.


I know I’ve talked about mindset in previous episodes, but don’t brush this one off, because the reason you’re still feeling stuck with your health, or if your health is holding you back in some way, it’s because there’s a part of you that either


  1. Doesn’t feel worthy, or
  2. There’s just something inherently wrong with you  — you’re not good enough.


Let me explain.


So, let’s tackle the first one — this is for you, if you don’t feel worthy to embody your highest self — your healthiest, most radiant energetic, clear-headed self.


This usually looks like choosing inaction instead of investing the time, money, or effort needed to create your transformation.


The thing is, it will NEVER feel like the right time. You will always rationalize inaction, because doing NOTHING is always the easiest thing to do. The investment — whether it’s time, money or effort — will ALWAYS be uncomfortable, but this is where the growth happens.


If you want to experience change and transformation in your life, you need to invest in yourself, and you are 100% worth it.


I mean, this is your body — your one and only vessel you will ever have. It’s the one place you’re going to live, no matter where you are. The world needs your unique gifts, and by playing small and choosing in-action, you are depriving your clients, and the people you love, of the fullest expression of yourself.


What is that transformation worth to you? Just think about that — what is it REALLY worth to you?


Alright (2) — thinking that something is inherently wrong with you — you’ve already wasted so much time, money and energy that you’re convinced that nothing is going to work for you.


Let’s crush this belief right now. In the past 7 years of practice, I’ve never had a  WELLth Strategy Session with a woman and NOT been able to uncover a blind spot or gap in their current approach. We are ALWAYS able to find the next step —  that missing piece that has been overlooked.


By the way, if you’ve been curious about hopping on a call with me, just do it — these complimentary WELLth Strategy Sessions that I offer are SO valuable. Whether or not we choose to work together, you will walk away with a clearer understanding of what is going on inside of your body and what the next, most effective step is, to move the dial forward for your health — for sure!


Alright, the SECOND step to jumpstart your WELLth Activation is to loosen the grips you have on your symptoms or diagnosis. This is NOT your identity, and the more you stay stuck and preoccupied with what’s NOT going right in your body, the more you sink your feet into that definition of yourself. You literally create a reality that is aligned with this version of yourself. So, let’s change that.


It’s time to step out and redefine how you’re showing up in the world.


THIRD, find a practitioner who will be your partner and will have your best interest at heart. If my message and energy resonates with you, awesome — get on my  schedule for a WELLth Strategy session, and let’s get you on the right track with a clear starting point and a solid strategy.


If my energy doesn’t totally vibe with you, that’s fine too. I encourage you to find a functional practitioner who is part of the Living Proof Institute mentorship program — I’m pretty sure they have a directory online, so I’ll link to that, if I can find it.


If you’re ready to dive deeper into your WELLth Activation journey, I’ve actually developed a program for women who are motivated and driven to upgrade their health —  women who know that health is their greatest asset, because it affects every other aspect of their life.


This is a 4-month program that includes unlimited one-on-one support with me — meaning that you can schedule phone or video consults, whenever you need them, along with text and voice messaging between consults.


This program also includes an initial AND follow-up functional digestive analysis. This means we run a comprehensive stool analysis and a food sensitivity test at the beginning of your program and towards the end to monitor your progress.


We also do a metabolic typing assessment to create a customized long-term food plan to help take out the confusion around nutrition. No more guesswork when it comes to which foods and what ratios are most beneficial for your body.


Everything is done remotely for ease and convenience, so your stool analysis is done in the comfort of your own home, and the food sensitivity test is a simple blood test — depending on where you’re located, we’ll get you set up with a mobile phlebotomist, who can come to your home — super convenient, and WAY more comfortable than a blood draw station.


Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I always start with gut health and healing, because our gut is the foundational pillar to every  other body system — if this is news to you, check out episode 83.


These targeted functional assessments, and the unlimited accessibility to me, allow us to create a truly  personalized protocol, while also addressing other aspects of your life that need to be upgraded.


This might look like sleep, restoration, detoxification, stress, routines, skin, mental focus or other areas that are affecting your ability to fully show up and step into your life of WELLth. Basically, this program is completely tailored to your specific needs — it’s like having a pocket doctor who gets your passion.


Since I work SO closely with my clients, I can only  take on a few per month, so as we enter April, I encourage you to schedule a WELLth Strategy Session ASAP. Don’t put your health on the back burner — remember it’s never going to feel like the right time. You have to MAKE IT the right time. I’m here to support you, encourage you and guide you towards the best version of yourself, so you can create your life of WELLth — full of abundance, purpose, health, wealth and joy.


And don’t be shy, I’m right here, so shoot me an email, a DM on instagram or message on facebook, if you have any questions at all. My goal is to help you find answers and get the guidance you need, so if we’re not the right fit to work together, we’ll try and find someone who is.


You are worth it.


Alright, so in SUMMARY — to jumpstart your WELLth Activation

  • 1. Check your mindset — are you taking actions based on your lack of self-worth or because you don’t think anything is going to work for you… or is it something else?
  • 2. Detach from the identity of your symptoms or diagnosis. Take aligned action from a place of empowerment, not a place of fear
  • 3. Find a practitioner you resonate with, so you can delegate that time and energy to someone who can effectively help you take your life back.


Alright, if you found this episode helpful, please share it with someone you love.


Also, if you’re feeling drawn to work together, I encourage you to check out my WELLth Activation program and book a WELLth Strategy Session, if it feels in alignment.


You can check it out by going to wellthywoman.co/activation


So, tune in next week for more awesome and actionable info!


Chat with you then!


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