Episode 88 – How to RESET Your Metabolism

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Today I’m talking about how you (yes YOU!) can literally reset your metabolism. I break down my six pillars.

Tune in to learn more.

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Meet Your Host:

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Over the past several years, I’ve created the most accessible, streamlined and effective virtual practice working with high-achieving women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other badass women all over the world.

I intentionally blend my background of Functional, Naturopathic, and East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in the online business world to help provide my clients with the personalized blueprint and strategy they need to get the mental focus, energy and business strategy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients and show up even more for the people they love.

Episode Transcript

Hey there, and welcome back to another episode of The WELLthy Woman podcast, I am your host, Michelle, and for today’s episode, I’m going to teach you how you can literally RESET your metabolism.


First, YES, it is possible to reset your metabolism, so if you’re over there being a doubting debbie, listen up, because I’m going to walk you through how I’ve walked clients, colleagues and myself through this process.


The thing is, resetting your metabolism is actually encouraged for a lot of women — especially women who are battling with inflammation, hormonal imbalances, brain fog, blood sugar issues and the like.


If this topic interests you, definitely check out my 12-part video series all about this topic. You can find it on my facebook page @wellthywoman.co, or my website at wellthywoman.co/ymr


So, today, I want to chat about what it means to RESET your metabolism and tell you exactly how the women I work with are doing it so effectively.


Let’s talk about the 6 main parts:


  • Mindset
  • Gut health
  • Detox
  • Empowered Education
  • Support
  • Community


I listed mindset first, because this is a huge part of what sets Your Metabolic RESET aside from other weight loss programs.


Now, when I say “mindset”, I’m not just talking about thinking happy thoughts and forcing you to hop on the “good vibes only” train —  that’s not my style, so you won’t be running into any of that toxic positivity in this gang.


What I’m talking about is addressing underlying limiting beliefs that have held you back from reaching your goals.


The mindset piece is HUGE, because limiting beliefs are subconscious — meaning we’re not actively aware that we’re having them.


Depending on what these sneaky thought patterns are, they have the power to keep us limited — just by believing something — consciously or subconsciously — we can prevent ourselves from taking action and reaching our goals. This is true for anything we’re hoping to achieve or actively trying to achieve.


Some of the most common limiting beliefs around weight sound like:

– I can’t do it.

– It won’t work for me.

– Losing weight is hard.

– My family is overweight, so I’m destined to be overweight.

– People gain weight when [FILL IN THE BLANK].

– I can’t stick with it, because I don’t have the discipline.

– I’ll never be able to eat my favorite foods again.

– I’ve tried everything already, and nothing works for me.

– Some people are just naturally thin, but I’m not.


Do any of those sound familiar or resonate with you?


The thing is, limiting beliefs give us a way to rationalize doing the easiest thing of all, which is NOTHING! And if you want change — if you want REAL transformation — you have to DO something, RIGHT?


If you’re sitting there, not really sure what your limiting beliefs are, you can do a little exercise with me real quick.


Out loud, I want you to say to yourself — to DECLARE to yourself:


“I’m going to release X number of pounds by the end of Your Metabolic RESET”.


Okay, what were the IMMEDIATE thoughts that came up? Write them down, or take note of them somehow, because THESE are your limiting beliefs — and we will tackle them during the program.


Mindset is also important when it comes to stress. I’ve been emphasizing the importance of the signals you’re sending your body throughout my entire 12-part video series, so STRESS is a huge part of this puzzle, as well.


The awesome thing is, I give you ALL the tools and resources you need to help get your body out of fight, flight or freeze mode and into a state of nourishment, safety and security, so you’re body can easily release excess weight AND establish your new metabolic set point.


Second, we address your gut health — if you’ve been following along on my podcast or social media posts, you know how much I focus on gut health — it literally affects every other area of our body, even our metabolism.


During Your Metabolic RESET, we improve gut health by decreasing inflammatory triggers, encouraging mindful eating and take a metabolic support probiotic to help introduce healthy bacteria and rebalance your microbiome.


By decreasing inflammation, we’re able to give the digestive tract a break, allow it to heal and then give it amazing nutrient-dense foods that provide your body with the building blocks it needs to heal.


Because of this process, a lot of women notice improvements, not only in digestion, but also in their immune response, mood, hormonal balance, sleep, energy and mental clarity.


Third, we focus on detoxification. Now, during Your Metabolic RESET, your body starts to naturally detoxify, because as we release that stored excess fat tissue, toxins end up being liberated from storage.


That being said, we need to make sure that your body is able to handle the toxins that are being released. This step is almost ALWAYS overlooked, and it’s ESSENTIAL to ensure you don’t end up with potentially harmful toxins re-circulating throughout your body.


So, in addition to providing your body with clean food and a variety of beneficial plant compounds, I give you a targeted detox support formula to take stress off the liver, your kidneys and your skin to ensure that the toxins being released are mopped up and guided safely out of the body.


In addition to the internal detoxification that is happening, we also talk about external toxins and how to clean up your environment. This might include things like cleaning products and personal care products, but it also might include examining toxic relationships or work environments.


We cover the whole spectrum.


Empowered education is the fourth pillar, because — if you’re like me — you not only want to know HOW to do something but also WHY you’re doing it. It’s way too easy to slip back into old habits and patterns when you don’t understand the logic or reasoning behind it, right?


Because of this, each week covers a specific health-related theme, and there are mini-lessons each day of that week.


Most of these mini-lessons are related tips, tricks, resources and tools that are pulled from the 200+ page comprehensive lifestyle guide that I include in the program for you. That way, you can start making your way through the lifestyle guide and familiarize yourself with what is available to you.


This lifestyle guide is something you’ll be able to reference for years to come — it is AWESOME.


Alright, the fifth pillar of Your Metabolic RESET is support. One of the things that REALLY sets this program apart is that you get one-on-one support from me. We do an extensive initial consult to see if we need to tailor the program at all to your specific needs while also addressing any major concerns that might hinder your progress — the goal is to maximize your efforts and results.


Towards the end of the program, we have another follow-up assessment to see how things have shifted and decide on next steps so that you are completely set up for long-term success.


And finally, the sixth pillar is community. This is the main reason I only launch this program three times a year — that way we can all support each other along the same journey. Going at the same pace allows us to share our wins and our struggles, along with providing motivation and support along each step of the process.


On top of that, research supports the fact that having a supportive community improves outcomes and increases weight loss potential — it’s a win-win.


For this next round, we have a growing group of powerhouse women — some who are brand new and some who have already gone through the program, released 20-30 pounds and are doing another round to release even more excess weight.


These women are motivated, supportive, creative and, most importantly, non-judgemental. This is a totally safe and inclusive environment where you can just show up as your amazing self and literally feel the love and support.


Side note — I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt like an outsider — growing up, in my family, in my professional life… so creating, participating and supporting this group of women is something very near and dear to my heart. Creating this group has actually been part of my own healing journey. So, if you can relate, I got you — you’re in good hands.


Alright, if you’re feeling drawn to this program,  I invite you to hop on a call with me this week — if you’re listening to this episode in real time, Spring enrollment is closing on March 21st, so we need to get you on the schedule this week.


Time is running out.


If you want to learn more head to wellthywoman.co/ymr to hop on my schedule  ASAP, head to wellthywoman.co/applyymr. If for some reason you can’t find a time that works for you, just shoot me an email or find me on social media and we’ll work something out. I want to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.


This program is truly transformational.


Alright, in SUMMARY, Your Metabolic RESET has six pillars that set it apart. It addresses

  • Mindset
  • Gut health
  • Detox
  • Provides  Empowered Education
  • Support, and
  • A solid Community of powerhouse women.


If you found this episode helpful, please share it with someone you love.


Remember, enrollment for Your Metabolic RESET completely closes on March 21st, so if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to enroll — there are only a few spots left, and I would LOVE for you to be one of them.


Otherwise, tune in next week for more awesome and actionable info!


Chat with you then!


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