Episode 15 – Handling the Holidays

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Abundance + Harvest, Podcast

With the holidays fast approaching, it can seem like time is being swept out from under us. Wasn’t it JUST 2016? Now the decorative lights are being hung, the lawn creatures are stretching their legs and the energy is shifting – things are darker, cooler, and held closer.

The holidays can be an interesting time for people. I say “interesting”, because for some, they look forward to it ALL year! They can’t wait to pull out their boxes of lights, decor and yard fixtures and schedule out their favorite festive flicks, line up their holiday tunes, and color code their garments.

For others… they could take it or leave it.

And still for others, it can be a serious time of stress, anxiety, guilt and even shame.

Join Dr. Michelle, in this week’s episode, as she talks about some strategies to help make this holiday season stress-free.

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