The WELLthy Woman

Functional Health for Woke Women Entrepreneurs


Enrollment is now OPEN! This is a 10-week small group holistic weight loss program for go-getters who are wanting to release 20-30 pounds while ALSO learning the lifestyle skills needed for long-term success. This program is all about real food, real support, real community and REAL results, so you can reallocate energy to boost your metabolism, your life and your business.


This is where the transformation begins. During this program, we will focus on rejuvenating your digestive system – the core pillar of our health. This is a 4-month program that is perfect for high-achieving women with hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, skin issues, anxiety, depression, weaker immune systems and those planning for pregnancy.


Once you have completed the WELLth Activation program, you are eligible for WELLth Optimization. This program is specifically tailored to those women who are ready to experience next-level health by going far beyond the basics. During these six months, we take a deeper dive to optimize cellular function, genetic expression, hormonal resilience and preventive health through high performance nutrition and lifestyle strategies.