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Double Your Current Income & Turn Your 10-hour workday into a 10-hour work WEEK
in as little as 90 Days 


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Health & Wellness Practitioners Amplify their Impact by
Making Money, not Martyrdom.

Ready for a shift?

My guess is that you got into this field because you wanted to help change lives, but now that you’ve in the thick of it… you're second-guessing everything.

Tell me if this speaks to you...

You feel overworked + underpaid. You show up at the office, create custom protocols, help as many people as you can...but it doesn’t feel like there’s much left for *you* at the end of the day.

Your passion is slipping away… or maybe it’s already long gone.
[Trust me, I get it – it’s hard to keep the fire alive when you feel so depleted.]

Self-doubt is creeping in. When a client comes to you with a long list of symptoms, you’re not always sure where to start, or which approach is best [cue the imposter syndrome]

You want to make a bigger impact, but your hands are tied. Whether it's the insurance companies, lack of time, money, education, or all that legal red tape... you feel trapped. 

You know deep down something needs to shift, but you don’t know which steps to take, or which order to take them in. Should you get another degree? Hire a business coach? Follow more "experts" trying to learn from their free content? 

After all the time, money, and heart you’ve invested in your profession, I know how paralyzing it can feel...

Especially when you (and every other health practitioner you know) have either been…


Stuck trying to work within the conventional medical system + insurance paradigm


Struggling to build a virtual health practice (without support) for months with little to no success 


Burned by other coaches or mentorship programs in the past that didn’t deliver on their promises

But...before you throw in the towel on your DREAM practice, let me assure you there is a proven way to do what you love + transform more lives. All while creating the freedom, flexibility + fulfillment you deserve.

real talk


I’m Michelle... multi-passionate entrepreneur, joy-seeker & magic maker.

I also have a background in Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. BUT, my purpose & passion now is operating as a Functional Health Mentor & Online Business Coach who’s helped over 100 health and wellness practitioners work towards growing their online practice to 6-figures and beyond – using a proven step-by-step roadmap (but more on that in a minute…)

Back in 2012, when I opened my first brick-and-mortar practice, I was a Primary Care Provider (PCP), trying my best to make things work within the insurance paradigm.

I had over 200 patients, none of whom I was able to give the time and energy they truly deserved. And because the people who came to see me didn’t have much skin in the game (the total investment being their 30-minute visit and $15 co-pay) they weren’t getting great results.

What were *we* getting out of this? It was a LOSE-LOSE situation.

I was exhausted, depleted, and massively undervalued.

Fast forward several years (+ another brick-and-mortar practice) to 2018 when I finally shifted into the online space.

I realized that by moving my practice online and breaking out of the conventional model, I had the freedom to work from anywhere and help whoever I wanted.

Offering comprehensive online programs (rather than hourly rates) gave me the freedom to scale my income and make the greatest impact.

I was dedicated to creating a thriving online practice, and within 6-months, I crossed the 6-figure mark — for the first time, my "work" felt truly aligned with my values and beliefs.

But I definitely didn’t take the easy route!

If only I’d had a mentor, someone who was already where I wanted to be, to give me a clear plan, I could have collapsed time, streamlined my success, and probably cut my failures in half...

Which is exactly why I created the…



A 12-week accelerated clinical + business program, nestled inside 12-months of intimate support for health practitioners looking to launch and scale the online practice of their dreams using expert business strategies, functional lab integration, next-level guidance and supportive community.

“This program is literally one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business because it’s so personalized. The whole program has been transformative for myself + my business. This is a no brainer. I made my money back in the first week of announcing my program was available.”


i made my money back in the first week of announcing my program

“I have 5 clients signed for my new program totaling around 25k profit and I can’t even wrap my brain around it. 10 strategy sessions booked over the next 2 weeks! SO grateful!”

— christina, functional nutritionist

i have 5 clients signed for my new program totaling around 25k

Inside the WELLth Academy,
you’ll gain…

Work-life integration

Say goodbye to working overtime and reclaim your weekends (and even weekdays!) to attend social events, spend quality time with loved ones, and indulge in self-care activities.

financial freedom

Unlock the potential to earn more while working fewer hours. Build a thriving online practice that provides security, stability, and consistent income, allowing you to live a life of abundance and financial peace.

flexibility + freedom

Embrace the freedom to work from anywhere, whether it's a cozy home office, a serene coffee shop, or while traveling the world. Enjoy the flexibility to set your own schedule and design a practice that fits seamlessly into your desired lifestyle.

Rediscover your passion

Deepen your impact by reaching a broader audience with your expertise and guidance. Expand your client base beyond geographical limitations and make a difference in the lives of people seeking your holistic approach to health and wellness.

Feel More confident

Feel more confident as a health practitioner and business owner. Empowerment comes not only from knowledge, but from having the right tools, processes, and support systems.

with a community of women like this...

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint to Freedom


Phase #1: Start with a 6-Figure Foundation

  • Uncover "behind-the-scenes" secrets other practitioners hold so tightly, and the need-to-know essentials of running a successful online business - including legal considerations.
  • Nail your niche by getting crystal clear on who you want to serve and how you’re uniquely qualified to help them.
  • Reprogram your nervous system for success while tapping into your dream vision, your aligned values, and your core beliefs.
  • Create an irresistible offer suite that combines an aligned comprehensive high-ticket program AND a lower-tier scalable offer that directly serves your ideal client’s needs.
  • Set up the best softwares to streamline your practice management and automations.
  • Uplevel your clinical skills by diving deeply into 6 functional lab tests, so you can enhance your value and get reliable results.

walk away with...

Total clarity around YOUR unique vision for the practice and life you want to create.

The step-by-step guidance, strategies, and materials you need to launch a valuable, strategically-crafted, offer suite into the world.

Clarity around legal concerns + questions, so you can practice with more confidence.

A deep understanding of how to successfully apply functional lab analysis to your practice.


Phase #2: Grow With Proven Methods

  • Learn how to leverage social media to effectively market your business (even if you’ve never used it before!).
  • Learn how to hold “non-salesy” sales calls with prospective clients through confidence and authenticity.
  • Understand simple sales strategies that support sustainable business growth and ease (+ how to implement them).
  • Optimize business management systems to deliver a high-quality client experience that saves you time.
  • Uncover proven strategies for growing your business, including opportunities for passive income. 
  • Demystify your business finances, systems and strategies to create more abundance.

walk away with...

Proven strategies for generating sales *without* feeling “salesy”.

Automated systems + processes, including scheduling, consult flow, and onboarding clients.

A new sense of confidence around your marketing and business skills.


Phase #3: Scale Your Online Practice YOUR Way

  • Collect case studies and results from clients who go through your new program to use in future marketing content.
  • Refine your offer based on feedback from your clients and the group + explore the possibility of adding a low or mid-tier option.
  • Gain the tools, strategies, and resources you need to hire, train, and retain your dream support team.
  • Implement next level strategies that continue to create more time, space, and financial abundance in your life.
  • Receive support from my team and other WELLthy practitioners inside the program as you grow your business to the next level.

walk away with...

A scalable business model and program that serves you and your clients.

Reliable results that sustain a thriving online practice.

High-level support as you scale your business to the next level.

Uplevel Your Clinical Skills With My Signature Functional Lab Methodologies

I truly believe getting reliable client results is the key to a sustainable practice. Transformative results = a beautiful flow of clients coming through your virtual door. That’s why we don’t skip out on quality clinical mentorship and support.

When you jump inside the program, you’ll get complimentary access to 6 major functional lab analysis training programs:

  • Functional Gut Health with the GI MAP
  • Functional Food Sensitivities with the MRT
  • Functional Organic Acids with the Organix
  • Functional Sex Hormones + Adrenals with the DUTCH Plus
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Functional Genomics with the DNA 360 Report

BETTER RESULTS → Committed Clients → More Referrals → Increased Revenue

Committed clients

Better results

More Referrals

Increased Revenue

After Working Through these Clinical Modules, You Will...

Master functional lab interpretation and analysis, so you can level-up your value, confidently increase your rates, and get reliable results

Know how to create customized protocols for your clients, based on functional lab results AND the human sitting in front of you, so you never second-guess yourself again

Have access to my protocols, client handouts, and form templates, so you have ready-to-use resources for your practice

Understand how to create a high-ticket program that incorporates functional labs, so you can get reliable results and charge what you’re worth

Get online access to ordering functional lab tests, so you’re ready to put what you learn into action right away

when the texts roll in...

"What?! IS this REAL??"

“2 past clients are seriously interested in beta testing my yet to come 6-month program! AND they KNOW the price. AND there were NO objections… What?!! IS this REAL??”

DIMPI, Naturopathic dr.

"I am SHOOK..."

“I am SHOOK after calculating I have hit right about 50k in 4 months since launching my program. INSANE!”


A proven framework + the right tools + high-level support = guaranteed success

Here’s What Your Support Looks Like Inside The Program

Instant Access + Strategic Layout

Even though you gain instant access to all educational materials, the program is strategically laid out to follow the modules in order, so you'll never be wondering what your next step is, and each action item builds upon the previous one. Also, you will have LIFETIME access to the educational modules, plus any updates along the way.

LIVE Open Office Hours

Think intimate group/mastermind/hive-mind vibes! Have a question as you’re working through the material (or just want to surround yourself with AH-MA-ZING humans)? Pop into LIVE office hours, multiple times per month, where you can ask us anything that comes up for you. Seriously, anything goes here! My team and I are open books and we’re here to support you in any way we can.

24/7 Chat Community

Bring together a group of natural givers looking to change the world and what do you get? First-class community support. Not to mention, life-long friendships! You’ll find a sense of belonging within this community of WELLthy practitioners who are on a similar journey to you. You can jump inside the chat anytime to ask questions and get support.

I need this!!

1-on-1 Laser Coaching Calls

These calls are focused, efficient, and designed to help you get unstuck and move forward quickly. With quarterly calls included inside your container, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into the areas where you need the most support, and receive expert coaching from experienced practitioners who have been where you are and understand what it takes to succeed.

"A lot of people hold their practices + protocols so tightly, but this program was just like ‘here it is!’

They say successful people always leave a trail, and Michelle was so open about what her trail specifically was. It seems like a lot of people hold their practices and protocols so tightly, but this [program] was just like “here it is!” “what do you need?” “how can I support you?” “how can we all support each other?”


loved the transparency

But don't take my word...

“It feels like she’s truly sharing all of her secrets.

As soon as the mentorship began, I knew immediately I had found what I was looking for. It’s not cheerleading, or broad support, or generalized examples on how to start and grow a practice. It’s a specific step-by-step guide to transition, expand, and thrive outside of our professional ‘box’. "


knew immediately

And of course...

The Bonus

Expert Mini-Trainings

Get instant access to our LIVE mini-training library created from expert clinicians, marketers, and industry experts. As a life-long learner, you understand the importance of continued education. These mini-trainings provide the opportunity to hone your expertise in areas that will further your growth as a business owner and practitioner.

And you get access to 1-2 NEW trainings every month!

The WELLth Academy

My goal is for you to build a thriving online health practice and life you love as soon as possible. 

GET ON THE WAITLIST, so you're the first to know when doors open again.

enroll today



WELLth Certified Practitioner™️

What does this mean?

Some practitioners decide to drop their current license to enhance their flexibility as an online health consultant (just like I did), which is why created the WELLth Practitioner Certification upgrade to signify your knowledge and expertise related to functional labs.

Upgrade to receive your WELLth Practitioner Certification at any point once you’ve signed-up for The WELLth Academy –- before it begins, during the program, or after the 12-month container.
Benefits include being featured in the practitioner directory, added protection as an online health consultant & the ability to display the WELLth Certified Practitioner™️ logo on your website + in your marketing materials for additional positioning and authority.

How does it work?

Step 1. Enroll in The WELLth Academy
Step 2. Apply and Submit Your Case Study (when ready)
Step 3. Hop on a Call with Me to Review
Step 4. Become a WELLth Certified Practitioner™️

become a

What Truly Sets This Mentorship Apart From The Rest?

Integrated Business + Clinical Curriculum

Building a thriving online practice requires the right business and clinical skills. But most mentors and coaches don’t blend the two. So, you’re stuck purchasing multiple programs and wondering how to piece it all together. I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I’ve made The WELLth Academy as straight-forward, value-packed, and cohesive as possible.

Behind the Scenes Access

Keeping what I know a secret directly blocks my mission to shift the health paradigm and see every person on the planet healthy. That’s why I’m giving you the inside-scoop on every aspect of my business and virtual practice, including access to my systems, protocols, reports, client handouts, templates, and resources that you can use in your own practice.

Energetic Support

Not only do you have the opportunity to hop on group video calls multiple times per week to get customized, in-depth coaching when you need it, but you also have daily support in your community chat. Having a group of like-minded practitioners who GET you and will help keep you accountable every single week is truly priceless.

New-Paradigm Methods

All of the curriculum and coaching principles you’ll find inside this program are rooted in a new health paradigm that challenges everything you were taught about working within traditional healthcare. These methods move away from viewing servitude as service and instead prioritize YOUR wellness and freedom to create transformational results for your clients.

Lifetime Access

Even after the 12-month program container comes to a close, the educational modules and detailed resources will be there for you every step of your journey for you to refer back to. And if when the program ends you desire more continued hands-on support, you’ll have the opportunity to join our ongoing practitioner membership.

Is Your Soul Aligned With The WELLthy Woman Movement?

You’re a functional or holistic health practitioner…

  • Naturopath
  • Acupuncturist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician
  • Chiropractor
  • Seasoned Health Coach
  • registered Nurse
  • Physicians Assistant
  • holistic Dietitian
  • Nutritionist


You’re a lifelong learner with a desire to dive deeper into personal development. 

You want to reconnect with your hobbies and passions outside of work.

You want to work with clients who are an energetic match – where there’s mutual trust, understanding, and respect.

You desire the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, and with who you want.

You feel like you've done enough learning & growing, and you're set in your ways.

You have very little desire to create time + space to explore activities outside of work.

You don’t really care about what kinds of clients you work with – you just want to get the job done. 

You don’t care for a strong sense of agency around your career and life. 

maybe not

Do you feel the nudge to say “yes” to this support? Imagine what your life could be like in just 3 months if you take the leap…

What if you felt confident in the value you deliver to your clients? What if you had the freedom to work wherever the heck you want? What if you charged 10k for your signature program, and your clients were actually happy to make that investment? What if that turned into a waitlist of eager clients?

I believe in the unique magic you have to deliver. The missing ingredient is simply a belief in yourself and a willingness to take aligned action.

do you feel the nudge...

"I am happy that I trusted myself and trusted my heart, because thanks to that, I’m able to live the life I’ve always dreamed of.”

— MAR, health mentor

I’m able to live the life I’ve always dreamed of.

“Ultimately, I have the confidence to build a career I’ve been dreaming about for the last decade and the most detailed roadmap on how to make it happen (or keep happening, as I’ve already sold a package without officially launching). I would not be in this place without Michelle, her mentorship, and the incredible group of women who’ve shared in this journey.”


I have the confidence to build a career I’ve been dreaming about

The WELLthy Woman Guarantee

You’re here because you want to do the work you love and transform people’s lives, but the way you’ve been taught just isn’t working for you. You desire a new paradigm – one that grants you FREEDOM, financial abundance, and reliable results for your clients.

When you claim your spot inside the The WELLth Academy, I promise to provide you with the framework, systems, strategies, and support you need to launch and scale a successful virtual practice that aligns with this new paradigm.

I know this proven framework works when you do. That’s why when you commit to this journey, meaning you…

#1. Complete all action items for every module
#2. Attend at least 1 office hour per week

And you don’t make your investment back…

You’ll get a 60-minute 1:1 targeted coaching call with Michelle, plus an additional 6-months inside The WELLth Academy – both for no extra cost.

Basically, if you don't make your investment back, we will work with you until you do. We are committed to your success. It’s yours for the taking!

Meet Team WELLth

Michelle Rogers, 
Clinical + Business Mentor

With 12+ years of knowledge & experience, I’m here to be the mentor I never had when transitioning into the online space & growing my virtual practice. 

Anya Rampersad, Support Coach

Anya is a Function Health Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, and The WELLth Academy Alum whose passions include helping women achieve optimal health and helping practitioners build thriving online practices using systems + automations! You’ll see her hosting office hours and hanging out in our chat community, so you *never* have a question go unanswered.

Carla Romeo,  Support Coach

Carla Romeo is a Somatic Coach, Functional Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, and The WELLth Academy Alum. She holds a safe space for her wellness clients to connect to their authentic selves, which is exactly what she does for practitioners inside the program. You’ll find her answering questions during office hours and inside the community chat.

Dr. Elise Schroeder, Support Coach

Dr. Elise is a naturopathic doctor, herbalist, functional lab expert and women’s health specialist. She has been helping women achieve vitality in their lives since 2001 and has consulted on thousands of clinical  cases  in her role as functional lab consultant.  She is a graduate of Michelle Rogers' The WELLth Academy Mentorship and has a thriving online  practice. 

ARCHETYPE: peacemaker

ARCHETYPE: philosopher


ARCHETYPE: philosopher


In awakening to this new paradigm, you’re probably wondering…

I’ve never charged more than $200 for my services. Am I ready to create a high-ticket program?

Up-leveling your prices is scary! Who am I to be charging $2k...$6k... $10k+? Don’t I need another degree first? Or a few more years of experience under my belt?

Trust me, I’ve been there. But here’s the thing – this mentorship walks you through step-by-step how to create a high-value program (and a scalable offer) that gets *consistent* results for your ideal clients.

This is not about picking the highest price tag and blindly attaching it to your services. It’s about getting crystal clear on what your ideal client values, how you help them get there, and building a program around that. We do a ton of mindset work around this at the start of the mentorship!

I don’t have an email list or a large following on social media. Can I still be successful online?

Sometimes it feels like the ONLY successful online practitioners have thousands of followers on Instagram. But a big following does *not* equal big results, nor is it required.

That being said, you do need to market your services online, and we’ll cover the “how” in great detail inside The WELLth Academy. This program can take you from “I’ve never posted on social media in my life” to knowing how to confidently market your practice online.

I’ve seen the testimonials. I believe this framework works. But what if it doesn’t work for me?

If you’re like many others who’ve stepped inside the The WELLth Academy, this idea that YOU as a health practitioner can have total freedom in every area of your life is earth-shattering. So it makes sense that you’d be skeptical about whether or not this can actually work for you!

What I can tell you is that believing in yourself is half the battle. That’s why mindset work is an integral piece of this program. You get the step-by-step process to success. You get the tools. You get the systems. You get incredible support, from both myself and fellow wellness warriors. The rest is you, my friend!

PLUS, we have a success guarantee! If you’re willing to show up with an open mind and determined spirit, and take aligned action, your potential for success is limitless.

I want to do this, but I have a lot on my plate right now. How much time will this take?

I hear you! Whether you’re working within the traditional healthcare model or not, I know you’re extremely busy. So the thought of adding another “to-do” might feel daunting.

That’s why I’ve created this program to work for ANY schedule. If you can dedicate at least 2-4 hours a week to the materials, you can build a thriving virtual practice that will ultimately free up your time!

Okay, so the mentorship is 12 months… what happens after?

Great question!

You get lifetime access to the materials which you can return to any time. But once you’ve gotten a taste of the invaluable community inside this mentorship, my guess is you won’t be ready to give it up. 😉

So, I’ve created two options for ongoing support:

  • Month-to-month membership, as long as you need support
  • CATALYST Quarterly Mastermind (1 quarter or full-year commitments)
  • 1-on-1 VIP WELLth Mastery (3, 6, or 12-month commitment)

Feel free to reach out for more information about these opportunities!

Have another question I didn’t answer here?
Send a quick message to
My team and I will get back to you ASAP!

Have another question I didn’t answer here? 
Send a quick message to
My team and I will get back to you ASAP!

you could be next

Hear from more WELLthy practitioners who not only made their investment back, but created a thriving virtual practice they love.

Build a Business and Life You Love

A final note from Michelle

The truth is, I forged my own path.

I built a virtual health practice the hard way… with zero guidance or support, which led to lots of failure along the way (which is why I ALWAYS have at least one mentor or coach by my side nowadays!)

Now that I’m on the other side, not only am I committed to radical transparency and exceptional support, I am sharing everything I know to help other practitioners achieve the same success. While avoiding all the road bumps I did…

But I’ve also discovered an even greater mission:

To completely shift the health + wellness paradigm to one where practitioners have a freedom-filled practice and life they love, while their clients get life-changing results.

The change starts here, with you.

If you’re ready to join the new health paradigm, I promise that everything you need to succeed is waiting for you inside the The WELLth Academy.

- Michelle

the wellth academy

Can't wait to meet you!