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We're Calling B.S. on The Current Healthcare Paradigm + Creating New, More Expansive Models of Care.

If you’ve landed here, chances are you understand just how broken our healthcare system is. People are sick, tired & fed-up. BUT, they’re also hungry for new ways of living, working & healing. They’re seeking guidance & leadership like never before. As practitioners, we have a critical role to play in activating change. However, here's the catch, and it's important. This doesn't require self-sacrifice or living in servitude. In fact, we believe the most powerful role practitioners can play is to pursue their desires, carry out their callings & live in pure abundance. By doing so, they show others what's possible in today's distorted reality, creating a powerful ripple effect. 

Michelle Rogers

Online Practice Mentor

I’m here to be the mentor I never had when opening my own online practice years ago. Looking back, I can now see that each part of my messy journey has prepared me perfectly for where I am today.  With 10+ years of clinical & business experience, I now teach practitioners how to deliver highly-transformative client results, while living an abundant life of health + wealth for themselves. And, it lights me up like nothing else! ✨

Archetype: Philosopher 

meet our team

Anya Rampersad

Support Coach | systems

Anya is a Function Health Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, and The WELLth Academy alum whose passions include helping women achieve optimal health and supporting practitioners with their online practices.

ARCHETYPE: philosopher

Carla Romeo 

Support Coach | somatics

Carla is a Somatic Coach, Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach, and The WELLth Academy alum with a passion for holding space for her clients, and for practitioners within the The WELLTh Academy.


Dr. Elise Schroeder

Support Coach | functional labs

Dr. Elise is a naturopathic doctor, herbalist, functional lab expert and women’s health specialist.  She is a graduate of Michelle Rogers' The WELLth Academy Mentorship and has a thriving online practice. 

ARCHETYPE: peacemaker

meet our team

Michelle's Story

I know what it’s like to have a DEEP desire for FREEDOM, while feeling stuck in an outdated paradigm. 

My journey started over 15 years ago during a battle with Hashimoto’s + PCOS. This is where the fire started. After running myself ragged trying every “healthy” diet, exercise program, and supplement protocol under the sun, I decided to take matters into my own hands, eventually reversing both diagnoses, without medication or dependence on the broken medical system. It was a huge breakthrough, but it was only the beginning of a much bigger calling. 

Work together →

Brick & Mortar

By the time I graduated from Bastyr University with my master's degree in one hand + doctorate in the other, I had already begun working on my signature methodology – a comprehensive, holistic approach to functional lab analysis. 

I was eager to put it to good use, so I moved to Portland where I spent four years as a Primary Care Provider (PCP), and another two in a cash-based private practice. Things were exciting...for a while –– I had a completely full practice, was taking home a 6-figure salary, and felt some level of accomplishment for having “done all the right things”.

I thought I had done all the right things

As the years went on, things started to weigh on me. I couldn’t shake the fact that I was essentially a slave to the insurance companies, my patients were getting mediocre results, and I was running myself into the ground just to maintain this “dream practice”. I remember clearly wanting to just walk away & leave my dream behind.

But I pushed myself to figure out what was missing, and over time, I pinned it down to one-single-word → freedom. While I didn’t have all the details ironed out, I chose to leave behind my brick-and-mortar practice.

But I Was Exhausted...

So I Went Virtual

Today I live in Mexico running a multiple 6-figure business with a lifestyle that nourishes my soul on every level. The best part? I now get to help other practitioners make this same shift. I can’t help but think everything worked out just as it should have, because nothing lights me up more than the work I do now!

I’m not gonna lie, it was a wild transition considering I had nobody showing me the way! But once I put the right support in place, things shifted fast, and within 6 months I made 6-figures. My clients were getting amazing results, I was no longer held back by the insurance paradigm, and I was working from wherever the heck I wanted. As time went on, things only got better – a lot better

I'm all about...

1. Radical Self-Responsibility

2. Animal-Based Nutrition

3. Petting All the Furry Animals

4. Creating More White Space

5. Doing Things That Scare Me

6. Blending The Work + The Woo

7. Healing + Awakening

just a few of my favorite things

The important things:
Capricorn Sun
Aries Moon
Cancer Rising


which one are you?

What's Your Online Practice Advantage?

There are thousands of health practitioners, but only one you! Find out which archetype you are so you can infuse your magic into your business & shine in the online space. Plus business & lifestyle guidance for maximum growth + expansion.

which one are you...

Ready to Make Some Magic?

Let's explore what's possible for you! My mission is to help other heart-based practitioners make this same shift into the online space & live with more freedom.