The WEllthy woman

Practitioners Just Like You

My clients have achieved mind-blowing success in so many ways, but here's the thing –– it's easy to look at others and think they are somehow more qualified or capable than you. And that's simply not true. As you listen to the following stories, please know that these practitioners started with the same doubts & fears you have now. What sets them apart is the decision to move forward anyway. You are absolutely capable of creating the life you've been dreaming of, and the best part is having someone to show you the way. ✨✨✨

"A lot of people hold their practices + protocols so tightly, but this program was just like ‘here it is!’

They say successful people always leave a trail, and Michelle was so open about what her trail specifically was. It seems like a lot of people hold their practices and protocols so tightly, but this [program] was just like “here it is!” “what do you need?” “how can I support you?” “how can we all support each other?”


loved the transparency

“It feels like she’s truly sharing all of her secrets.

As soon as the mentorship began, I knew immediately I had found what I was looking for. It’s not cheerleading, or broad support, or generalized examples on how to start and grow a practice. It’s a specific step-by-step guide to transition, expand, and thrive outside of our professional ‘box’. "


knew immediately

"The lab modules have taken my practice to a whole different level. Before them I was struggling...

through my analysis of any functional tests I was running and not understanding the relationships between all the different data points and what that means for my clients. Now, my protocols are so much more complete and potent. The results my clients are getting speak for themselves!"


transformed her practice

"Understanding how to interpret the labs and being able to create custom...

protocols truly is a game changer! Health information is widely available online, but custom lab interpretation is few and far between. This is what helps set my nutritional practice apart from the others!"


gained competitive edge

"The lab modules are so amazingly streamlined 🙌

with clear cut solutions to personalize protocols for clients. The detail and passion that has gone into developing these modules is palpable and incredibly well done. Your vision, purpose and precision is contagious and admirable! 😍"


Upleveled her skills

"It was so helpful to see how everything fits together.

I learned so much from seeing what test markers and labs to cross reference with others to give a full picture of what is going on. I was always so scared to get into genetics but learning it through the modules made sense to me."


mastered functional labs

"Just got a yes from my first beta client! 

I'm running 3 tests with her - dutch, gi map, MRT, for 3 months, and she was on board with paying $2,800 in 3 installments. I was definitely nervous about quoting the cost, but I was genuinely set on the idea that this would really help change her life! "


charged her worth

the road

to freedom 

Are you ready to finally experience the freedom-filled life you've been yearning for? One that not only pays your bills and transforms lives, but allows you to pursue your wildest dreams? A life that allows for more adventure, slower mornings, or whatever it is that lights you up. ✨

The WELLth Academy provides you with a proven framework to map out your heart's desires, and the high-level support you need to make them a reality.  In just 6 months your day-to-day life could look completely different, all while making a bigger impact on the world around you.  ✨