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Chances are you're here because you're ready to shift. Ready to let go of what's no longer serving you, so you can make space for what will. And you know what? Nothing excites me more than someone ready for this kind of transformation! Whether you're a seasoned health coach looking to uplevel your business, a wellness practitioner looking to shift into the online space, or a wellness warrior ready to take control of your own health, I can't wait to explore what's possible together. ✨

No.1 online practice coaching

No.2 clinical mentorship

No.3 animal-based wellness

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signature offers

1. The WELLth Academy 

Launch + grow the online practice of your dreams. Packed with business strategy + clinical guidance, this accelerated 12-week program, nestled into 12-months of support, teaches you how to run high-ticket programs that leverage the power of functional labs, while living a life you love.

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2. Functional Lab Modules

Master the art of functional lab analysis, at your own pace. Build your confidence (and clinical practice) with individual self-study modules on blood chemistry, functional genomics, food sensitivities & more. Or, dive deep with the entire series, and learn how to cross-reference for faster client transformations.

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3. Wildly WELLthy™

Take control of your health by reconnecting with your roots. Wildly WELLthy™ is an animal-based group health program for women who are ready to leave behind ungrounded health fads in favor of primal strategies that build lasting health on every level.

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Personalized 1:1 support

WELLTH GEneration SEssion

map it out

During this 90-minute deep dive session we will map out your next three months so you can reach your goals + accelerate your progress in life AND business.  You will walk away with a personalized blueprint + access to follow-up support as you move forward with integration.


+ 1-on-1 session (90 min) with my undivided attention
+ Unlimited voice/text support for two weeks
+ Unique monthly milestones + weekly action items
+ Shared project management system for tracking
+ Program credit toward The WELLth Academy

perfect for you if:

You're wanting laser-focused coaching or mentorship around a specific area of your virtual practice.

You need an in-depth functional lab case review + follow-up support for yourself, or your client/patient.

You are working towards your next big revenue goal, but feeling stuck, or like you've plateaued.

You want my undivided attention to review your current business model, offering, social media content or niche.

You are a current mentee or graduate from the The WELLth Academy and could use additional 1:1 support.

You have good momentum, but need better systems, audience growth and a more scalable business model.

Your 3 Month Blueprint


"I have 5 clients signed up for my new program totaling around $25K and I can’t even wrap my brain around it. SO Grateful!!!"

Christina, Functional Nutritionist 


which one are you?

What's Your Online Practice Advantage?

There are thousands of health practitioners, but only one you! Find out which archetype you are so you can infuse your magic into your business & shine in the online space. Plus business & lifestyle guidance for maximum growth + expansion.

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The WELLthy Woman Free BYOP Community

Join dozens of other health + wellness practitioners in our private community geared towards helping you Build Your Online Practice (BYOP).

Get instant access to masterclasses, guest expert trainings, live Q+A sessions and MORE to help you start & grow an online wellness practice you love. 

Don’t be shy - come participate!

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start, Grow & Scale The online practice of your dreams + START, GROW & SCALE THE ONLINE PRACTICE OF YOUR DREAMS

start, Grow & Scale The online practice of your dreams 

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The time is NOW to shift into the online space & build the life you've been yearning for. In just 12-weeks you'll have rock-solid offer, deeper clinical skills, a magnetic marketing strategy, and a scalable business model to carry you forward. All that's left to do is show up & bring forth your magic.
Let's Replace Your Current Income, Cut Your Hours in Half and Build Your Online Practice in as little as 90 Days.

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