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WELLth Certified Practitioner Directory

Are you looking for a next-level practitioner to optimize your health? If so, you're in just the right spot. WELLth Certified Practitioners have not only completed my comprehensive mentorship program, but have gone on to prove their clinical expertise & functional lab mastery. These are the shining stars capable of digging deep to solve complex health issues efficiently & effectively. Each one knows how to cross-reference data and create highly-personalized protocols that will get you faster results.

Lori Swanton 


Throughout my career as a physical therapist, it has been my mission to walk alongside individuals to address the root cause of physical discomfort using a truly holistic approach that goes far beyond just the musculoskeletal system. 

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Marsha Hamilton

naturopathic doctor

As a lifelong athlete + practicing naturopathic physician of 13+ years, I created the Wild Pursuits Method to support active women in pursuing their wildest dreams, no matter their age or hormonal status.  

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Region: Rocky Mountain 

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REGION: Pacific Northwest

Trisha Svidron


In my career as a nutrition specialist, empowering every family with the tools to be successful in managing their children’s nutritional wellness and identifying the root cause of their eating struggles using a functional medicine has been my passion. 

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more coming soon

Region: Northeast 

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Angela Elliot


I am a passionate chiropractor and functional health coach. Specializing in women's health, particularly those navigating the transformative years of perimenopause, with a unique blend of chiropractic expertise.

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REGION: Central US

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I'd love to connect! Send me a message here, or connect with me on social media. 

Michelle Rogers