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Functional Health Mentorship + Business Coaching For New Paradigm Practitioners.

Functional Health Mentorship + Business Coaching For New Paradigm Practitioners.

Start, grow & scale the virtual practice of your dreams with integrated business + clinical support.

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I'm here for the:


Wellness Warriors
Timeline shifters

my magic:

Helping practitioners Launch + Scale Online Practices, so they can grow their impact, build their bank accounts & live with more freedom.

Reimagine Your Practice

work from anywhere

Run your practice on your terms, from anywhere. Together we explore the realm of possibility to find what works for you. 


Earn More Money

Say goodbye to trading time for money. Together we create highly-profitable (+ valuable) programs that support the lifestyle you desire.


transform more lives

Grow your impact, without self-sacrifice. Together we create a sustainable business model that allows you to change more lives, starting with your own.


your path to freedom

a fully integrated approach for rapid transformation

Empowered Practitioners Lead to Empowered People

  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Acupuncturists
  • Pharmacists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors

  • Functional Health Practitioners
  • Functional Medicine Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Physician Assistants
  • Health Consultants
  • Functional Nutritionists

it starts with you

Business coaching

A proven step-by-step framework to online success, created exclusively for health + wellness practitioners to save you years of time & frustration. 

Clinical mentorship

Deep clinical know-how, based on 10+ years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. 

Energetic Attunement

Powerful energetic support that goes beyond morning affirmations + mantras  to completely transform the way you view health, wealth & business.

but here's the truth:

Transformation Starts with Owning Your Reality.

...and, if you’re anything like me (back before I started my virtual practice), there's a lot left to be desired. 

You're Stressed.

You love helping people, but when you look in the mirror, you see the stress on your face, and it’s not exactly the look you’re going for! You keep telling yourself you just need more appointments, a podcast, an online course… something! But on a much deeper level, you know a bigger shift is needed. 

You're Drained.

You're energetically drained. You pour your heart into this work, and you’re starting to wonder what’s in it for you. Even if you manage to fill your days with appointments, there’s not enough time (or money) to make this sustainable. Whether it’s burnout, exhaustion or restlessness, it's weighing on you.

You're Stuck.

You know something has to change, but you’re not sure what. Your clients are getting inconsistent results, and you’re nowhere close to living the life you want. You’re missing out on precious time with your people, and growing bitter under the weight of a broken healthcare system.  

Ready for the Good News?

What if you could wake up, enjoy a spacious morning of self-care and show up to serve from a place of overflow, rather than overwhelm? 

[hint, hint]: You Absolutely Can!

OK, But before we get too far, allow me to introduce myself. HI, I'm:

Michelle Rogers

7-Figure CEO 

Online Practice Coach 

Functional Health Mentor

Vision Holder & Wealth Creator

I’m here to be the mentor I never had when opening my own online practice years ago. Looking back, I can now see how each part of my messy journey prepared me perfectly for this mission. With 10+ years of clinical & business experience, I now teach practitioners how to deliver highly-transformative client results, while living an abundant life of health + wealth for themselves. 

and Yes, you can have both!!!

Paradigm Shifter

Start, grow & scale the online practice of your dreams

The Path Less Traveled

My journey began as a Naturopathic Doctor with a brick & mortar practice, but after becoming exhausted and depressed, it was time for something new.

So I closed my brick & mortar practice + started over –– online. It was a wild ride at first (mostly because I had nobody showing me the ropes), but once I invested in the right support, things shifted fast - within 6 months, I had made 6-figures. I fell in love with my career again, was making better money than ever, and my clients were getting amazing results. Today I live in Mexico running a multiple 6-figure business with a lifestyle that nourishes my soul on every level.


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1. The WELLth Academy 

Launch + grow the online practice of your dreams. Packed with business strategy + clinical guidance, this accelerated 12-week program, nestled into 12-months of support, teaches you how to run high-ticket programs that leverage the power of functional labs, while living a life you love.

2. Functional Lab Modules

Master the art of functional lab analysis, at your own pace. Build your confidence (and clinical practice) with individual self-study modules on blood chemistry, functional genomics, food sensitivities & more. Or, dive deep with the entire series, and learn how to cross-reference for faster client transformations.

3. Wildly WELLthy™

An animal-based group health program for women who are ready to ditch the ungrounded health fads in favor of primal strategies that build lasting health & create massive shifts. 

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which one are you?

What's Your Online Practice Advantage?

There are thousands of health practitioners, but only one you! Find out which archetype you are so you can infuse your magic into your business & shine in the online space. Plus business & lifestyle guidance for maximum growth + expansion.

which one are you...


"I have 5 clients signed up for my new program totaling around $25K and I can’t even wrap my brain around it. SO Grateful!!!"

Christina, Functional Nutritionist 

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Playing Small?

I know what it's like to feel deeply unfulfilled, and stuck within an outdated paradigm. If you're feeling called to connect, I invite you to apply for a complimentary strategy session so we can chat about what's possible!

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ready to stop

What's Your Online Practice Advantage?

There are thousands of health practitioners, but only one you! Find out which archetype you are so you can infuse your magic into your business & shine in the online space. Plus business & lifestyle guidance for maximum growth + expansion.

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