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For The Health-Conscious Woman Ready For Total Health Reclamation.

Join a community of dynamic women ready to ditch ungrounded health fads and reconnect with their primal roots.

Wildly WELLthy™

your doorway to massive shifts

You Are So Ready For This Next Shift.

One that will give you more energy, more clarity + more confidence, so you can finally unleash your full potential. Butttt sometimes it feels like you’ve tried ALL the things. 😫

Cutting out carbs

Intermittent fasting

Daily mantras & affirmations

Fistfuls of supplements

Eating less and exercising more

Detox programs & parasite cleanses

Intuitive eating, cheat meals...

I could go on…

things like...

And nothing seems to be working...

Even though you’re trying to take care of yourself, you’re still…

Overwhelmed, desperate for something to finally work

Anxious, turning to social media & Netflix to numb out

Exhausted, struggling to keep up with alllll the things

Feeling insecure, making it hard to show up on zoom (or the bedroom!)

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re doing everything “right” while staying stuck where you are.

If you're ready to finally take back control, and reclaim your health, then you're in just the right place. 

but there is a way forward.

There are a few non-negotiables when it comes to lasting health, and sadly they seem to be missing in many of today’s conversations & health coaching programs.

michelle here

hey you - 

I know what fuels deep healing.

I know what proper nourishment looks like.

I know how to help you look & feel your best. 

With a background in Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, I’ve been a practicing health practitioner for over 11 years. 

During that time, I’ve worked with thousands of women. And I’ve gone on to teach dozens of other practitioners how to effectively treat their clients, too!

🥩  Animal-Based Nutrition

🌍  Community + Culture

🙏  Purpose + Meaning

So I made it my mission to create a membership that would bring people back to their roots. Giving the mind, body + soul what it craves...

on the deepest level


Wildly WELLthy™


An animal-based group health membership for women who are ready to ditch the ungrounded health fads in favor of primal strategies that build lasting health & create massive shifts. 

+ Embrace primal nutrition
+ integrate mind, body & spirit
+ Unleash your full potential



"She gave me confidence in my body’s innate ability to heal and in MY ability to support and guide it along the way.

The best part of my experience? Michelle empowered ME through education on how to maintain my health through diet, lifestyle, limiting exposure to environmental toxins, and mind/body techniques. By doing this, she gave me confidence in my body’s innate ability to heal and in MY ability to support and guide it along the way.”

– past Client

As you begin the process of health reclamation, you will:

Feel confident in making the best health choices by understanding how nature intended you to eat + live.

Fall in love with your body again as you restore harmony & balance.

Let go of your need for external validation + "expertise" as you learn to trust yourself over all others.

Reignite your passion for life by tapping-in to your highest purpose + calling. 

Find a sense of belonging + peace within a community of like-minded women on a similar journey.

Within this space, you’ll uncover biohacks rooted in ancestral nourishment + advanced science that allow you to show up more fully in every area of your life.


When You Join Wildly WELLthy™, You Get Access to the Support + Accountability You Need to Make

Exclusive app

Get accountability + encouragement from a group of like-minded women within our own Wildly WELLthy™ app. Not only is this a welcoming place to connect with your tribe through our community chat, but you’ll also get access to progress tracking, guides & videos – all in one convenient place that’s distraction-free (looking at you social media 👀).


This program does NOT follow or teach a “diet”, but it IS based on a primal way of eating. What’s that? Nose-to-tail protein, raw dairy, honey, plus sweet and non-sweet fruit – basically, all the things our ancestors have been eating and thriving on for centuries. Every month inside the program, we’ll have a new seasonal focus from rest and recovery to growth and expansion and everything in between.

Group Coaching Calls

Join two 1-hour trainings/group coaching calls every month while you’re an active member! This is a safe and welcoming space where you can show up, connect with other members, and share what you’re struggling with + personal wins. These will be hosted by myself  and/or my support coaches.

Monthly recipe books

Get access to downloadable animal-based  recipe books that will nourish your body the way it’s supposed to be. These are recipes I have been sharing with clients in my own practice for years plus new ones I'm currently obsessed with.


Gain exclusive access to tests that provide a comprehensive look at your body's unique biochemistry. Gain a deeper understanding of your body's specific needs, so you can take a more targeted approach to your health and wellness journey with your healthcare provider.

Massive Shifts.

exclusive Hypnotic Track

Receive an exclusive hypnotic track intentionally designed to shift limiting beliefs within your subconscious mind, making you more receptive to positive change. This recording works synergistically with other program elements, paving the way to wild transformation. (VALUE: $1,000)

Because I Want to Give You Everything I Can to Help You Be WELL...

and of course the bonuses

Stock your pantry with the best animal-based snacks, professional-grade supplements, adaptogen teas, superfood powders, and other wellness-promoting goodies with exclusive discount codes on all my favorite products. 

Exclusive Discounts on the BEST Products.

bonus #1

Learn from industry leaders + wellness experts with monthly guest speakers that will keep you LIT UP on your healing journey. These are juicy topics you won't want to miss. ✨✨✨

bonus #2

Expert Speakers

Ditch the Fads + Reconnect with Your Primal Nature


Become a founding member for less than $2 per day




Get everything inside the Rooted Membership, PLUS


12-month membership

  • 15% OFF all lab tests
  • Tired to THRIVING: A comprehensive 7-step course covering everything you need to know to beat burnout (+ lose stubborn fat) by optimizing your adrenals, digestion, thyroid, and hormones! (coming soon!)

3 tiers to choose from

regal member

12-month Membership

For women wanting a more personalized health transformation and experience

As a Regal Member, you will get everything inside
the Radiant Membership, PLUS:

25% OFF All Functional Labs, so you can access the MRT, GI MAP, DUTCH Plus, Organic Acids, Functional Blood Chemistry and Functional Genomics testing - yessss!

Educational Lab Review Videos, so you can have your results explained by an expert and reference them whenever needed.

Personalized Animal-Based Plans, so you know exactly which foods are most supportive for *your* body (and which ones to avoid!)

Individualized Recommendations around nutrition, lifestyle upgrades and targeted nutrients, based on your labs, so you're not left guessing .

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) with guidance so you can refine your progress along the way by optimizing your metabolic flexibility.

Exclusive Intimate Group Coaching, so you can get your questions answered by me and my support team as they come up.

Ready for a truly immersive wellness experience?


To ensure that our Regal Members receive the most hands-on, high-touch support, we have limited spots.

*Most Flexible*

Monthly payments for 12 months


monthly payments


Make a one-time payment and SAVE over $1,100


12-month membership

"I went from being a spectator of life – only having the energy to do the bare minimum – to pursuing my passions and living a life of possibility…

The lab work ordered by Michelle was way more comprehensive than that of any traditional doc. The improvement I saw in my digestion, tolerance to previously intolerable foods, energy levels, mood, joint pain, and ability to focus was remarkable. I went from being a spectator of life – only having the energy to do the bare minimum – to pursuing my passions and living a life of possibility…”

– past client


I know there are a lot of other health programs out there, and your time + money are valuable.

So, you’re probably wondering why you should invest in THIS one…

Other Programs

Focus on the end goal, like losing 20 lbs, burning 3 inches off your waistline, or squashing a certain symptom.

Delivered as pre-recorded modules with little to no opportunity for group support or community building 

Centered around fear and restriction, often removing entire categories of foods unnecessarily. 

Over-emphasis on supplementation, while neglecting proper whole food nutrition.

Created by health "gurus" with minimal experience.

Wildly WELLthy™

Focuses on the journey, embracing the evolution of Self, and all the wins that come along the way (physical, emotional + mental).

Provides a community + culture of aligned women who are deeply committed to making similar changes in their lives.

Grounded in the idea that our bodies are designed to heal when given the right support. 

Focuses on getting optimal nourishment through nutrient-dense, whole foods. 

Created by a seasoned health practitioner with over 11 years of experience.

Wildly WELLthy™

"I feel so empowered with knowledge. With Choice. With Trust...

in natural medicine and never received such a clear-cut method for interpreting and developing treatment based on functional lab results. So excited for the updates."

- past client

"For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m in control...

of my longevity and wellness, and it feels incredible! I love working with someone who really has the credentials along with the social-emotional intelligence – you’re the whole package!"

- past client

“I have 5 clients signed for my new program totaling around 25k profit and I can’t even wrap my brain around it. 10 strategy sessions booked over the next 2 weeks! SO grateful!”

— christina, functional nutritionist

“i have 5 clients signed for my new program totaling around 25k

This group program comes from my heart.

For a long time, it has been my mission to empower every single person on the planet (that’s right, all 7 billion of 'em) to live a healthier, happier life. And while that might sound like an impossible goal, I’ve been in this space long enough to know that wellness has a ripple effect. 

As you uplevel yourself – your health, your outlook, your perspective – that magic spreads to each person you interact with.

Which means that creating a healthier & happier world starts right here. It starts with this program and ALL of the women who said “YES” to Wildly WELLthy™. Are you ready to be part of the ripple effect?


This Program is Perfect for You If…

You’re ready to play an active role and "own your health".

You’re fed up with fad diets that don’t get lasting results. 

You’re willing to put in the work + show up for yourself.

You’re open to animal-based eating + primal philosophies. 

You're ready to start smashing your goals + you know it starts w/ health.

You crave a community of badass women for accountability + support.

Still Trying to Decide if Wildly WELLthy™ is the Right Fit? Let’s Find Out.


Are You Ready to reclaim Your Health + Your Life?

You Might Have Some Questions

don't worry, we have the answers!

Do I have to eat meat to do this program?

Yes. This program focuses on getting optimal nourishment from food, which in my expert opinion does require eating animal foods. This program is not for people who are vegan or vegetarian – unless you’re open to transitioning to an animal-based way of life! 

How much time will this program take?

The amount of time you invest depends on YOU and the membership option you choose. But overall, this is a low-time-investment program. You have the opportunity to show up to coaching calls and engage inside our community whenever you need support. 

Why animal-based wellness?

Animal foods provide nutrients that are the most bioavailable, meaning they’re able to be easily absorbed and used by the body. In my 10+ years of experience as a health practitioner, I’ve never come across a non-meat-eater who didn’t need supplements to maintain their health, and none that have reached optimal health.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

Not every program works for every individual. However, with over 11 years of experience as a practitioner, this approach has been the most effective in creating potent and long-lasting results – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Will I lose weight if I do this program?

This program does not focus on achieving a specific health goal like losing weight or 10x-ing your energy, although these things will very likely happen. Instead, I want to focus on teaching you how you can become the type of woman where these types of results are inevitable.

Isn’t eating meat bad for the environment?

Great question! Conventional farming practices are VERY damaging to the environment, which is why we will be covering how to make informed conscious choices to support local, regenerative farming practices, whenever possible. Eating meat does not negatively affect the environment, in fact, regenerative farming practices restore the soil and bring vitality back to the earth.

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